April 5, 2022
From: Al Rioni - Retired ATP pilot PO Box 81894 Las Vegas, NV 89180 email - flyaeroal@cs.com To: Senator Ted Cruz, Member Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation Safety 127A Russell Office Bldg. Washington, DC 20510 - Re: Aviation Safety - Follow-up to previous correspondence

Dear Senator Cruz.

**My name is Al Rioni.

**I am a retired ATP pilot and am also a part-time web designer and blogger. xx I am also the author of aviation books which are available thru Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

**Senator Cruz, a few weeks ago, I sent you a packet of information describing a critical aviation safety issue concerning the obvious dangers caused by the switch, by many US airlines, from using airliners previously having 4-engines, to the reckless money/fuel-saving policy of using airliners having only 2-engines, which lack the sufficent engine redundancy necessary for extended over-ocean flights, particularly the 2500 mile over-water flights from the US mainland to the Hawaiian Islands.

**(The fluctuating price of jet fuel is completely irrelevant compared to the safety of the flying public and should not be even remotely considered by any government aviation safety regulators).

**My efforts have been motivated by the many reported engine failures on 2-engine airliners on their way to Hawaii.

**I also sent this copyrighted aviation safety information to the NTSB, to the FAA, to Senators Maria Cantwell and Kyristen Sinema, and to various airline CEO's and Boards of Directors.

**In my previous letter, I questioned your, and Senators Cantwell and Sinema's, dedication to the responsible performance of your duties as members of the Senate Transportation/Aviation Safety Committee, and wondered, if, by ignoring this indisputable 2-engine over-water safety issue, which endangers the flying public, you may be more concerned with accommodating special business/money interests, and thereby, advancing your own political and social acceptance, than you are with actually enhancing aviation safety.

**In these previous letters, concerning these aviation safety issues, I expressed my concern that I have not received any replies to my correspondences from any of the individuals or agencies mentioned above.

**However, it now seems very obvious to me why I have not received any replies, neither expressing agreement with, nor, requesting additional information, nor, countering any of my airline safety arguments, as the 2-engine over-water safety issues I have described are clearly indisputable, and, cannot be challenged, and, if publicly acknowledged by government regulators, and/or, airline executives, and, ultimately revealed to the flying public, would be very disruptve to the entire international airline industry.

**Because, I believe that, after receiving my previous letter, you may have investigated the 2-engine over-water safety issues I have raised, and, because there are no credible counter-arguments to this indisputablee safety issue -- then, should you, and/or, the various government regulators and airline executives, have replied to my messages, and, thereby, acknowledged that you are aware of, but, have ignored, this critical safety issue, then, this acknowledgement would expose your callous disregard for the safety of the flying public, which would likely destroy your political careers, and, should a disastrous airliner ocean ditching occur because of your inaction, which would certainly kill hundreds of innocent and trusting passengers, would expose you, and others, to possible criminal prosecution.

**Therefore, I believe you are now in a quandary, and, in order to stay under the radar, you, and other responsible persons, have decided to run and hide from this crucial safety issue, rather than do your jobs by working to correct this dangerous airline policy, which would undoubtedly anger powerful business interests.

**As for me, I only care about the safety of airline passengers and crews, as you should also be, and, I really don't care how much improving the safety of the flying public might disrupt the financial statements of the airlines, the Boeing Company, Airbus, or, your career or social standing with these big-money - big-shot -- business executives.

**To any honest politician and/or government regulator, the safety of commercial aviation supercedes all political or business concerns.

**But, it would appear that, in spite of your sworn duty as a member of the Senate Aviation Committee, to protect the flying public, you have decided to remain silent, and, to just try to ignore this issue, and just hope, that should a catastrophic airliner ocean-ditching occur, which would kill hundreds of innocent passengers, the media protection I have theorized in the message at the bottom of this letter will continue.

**Pilots are fully aware of this 2-engine safety issue, but keep quiet out of fear of losing their jobs.

**Also, I believe that, pilots, being in much better physical condition than many of their passengers, (some passengers being infants, children, and/or the elderly), and, because pilots, probably being prepared in advance with an escape plan, may feel they have at least a decent chance of surviving an ocean ditching, and, may be willing to accept this risk in order to keep their well-paying and glamorous jobs.

** I have been a pilot for over 50 years. I know how pilots think.

**In my opinion, this is similar to current medical professionals, who, in order to keep their jobs, and for other monetary considerations, abandoning their professional responsibilities to their patients by keeping quiet about the negative side-effects of some medications, and/or withholding information about alternate medical treatments, and, therefore, knowingly causing a great deal of unnecessary suffering for their patients, and many unnecessary deaths.

**Your seeming dereliction of your duties must be caused by, what I believe, is your control by powerful and thoroughly corrupt political and business interests, which is completely consistence with your recent and pitifully sad statements and comments before the Senate, which have destroyed your credibility.

Your "Explanation", and "Groveling" on "Tucker" was even more pitiful and pathetic to watch.

**I fear that this irrational behavior by many of the DC "Swamp creatures", I do not include you among this group may be coerced by events, (Including bribes, and other "Corrupt", "Immoral", and/or "Degenerate" activities), which may have been video recorded at Jeffrey Epstein's Island, and/or other "Infamous" places, which, if true, would completely explain, or, make at least some sense out of, the otherwise inexplicable behavior, statements, and other America-destroying and treasonous actions by many public officials.

** For decades, or, for even much longer, blackmail has been a very effective way to force politicians, at all federal, state, and local levels, to betray their constituents and betray their country - - - after all, after having had 1 drink too many, it is difficult for anyone to resist the charms of a beautiful young women, and/or, a bag full of 100 dollar bills.

**It is, therefore, easy to understand your inaction on this indisputable safety issue, and, also, with your shocking statements in the Senate, which openly, and sadly, displayed where your true fears and/or loyalties are.

**What other reasons could there be for the obviously treasonous and unpatriotic sell-outs by formerly patriotic public officials, including the Congress, the Courts, and State and local officials?

**Actually, exposing this obvious danger to the flying public might actually restore your public image, and political potential, by making you a hero to the many US citizens who rely on the airlines for safe travel.

**Unfortunately, because of the dangerous and murderous nature of powerful business interests when their power and money are threatened, I have to be careful and have taken precautions as I remember what happened to Sonny Bono and probably many others, after they challenged these ruthless, dangerous, and powerful business interests.

** Please, if you dare, due your sworn duty, and work to increase the safety of innocent airline passengers by bringing this important aviation safety issue out into the open for debate, BEFORE, rather than AFTER, a disastrous airliner ditching occurs due to your, and others, inactions.

**Yours Very Truly - Al Rioni

**Al Rioni ***********April 5, 2022



A Curious "Possibility" - - - - - Malaysian Airlines Flt. #370

**I believe its "Possible", only possible, that aviation regulators, from various world governments, may be receiving substantial "Incentives" from airline companies and/or airplane manufacturers, and, with the help of a corrupt media, would do anything possible to conceal their blame for ignoring the obviously unsafe 2-engine airliner extended over-ocean operations described in my many correspondences, and to conceal their incompetence and/or corruption.

**I believe that this may someday lead to, or, may have already led to, a catastrophic airliner ditching.

** With this "Possibility" in mind, we now have to at least wonder what may have actually happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight #370, a 2-engine Boeing 777, which disappeared on an over-ocean flight.

**I closly followed this event as it was unfolding, and, I believe it is very unlikly that the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines airplane is in any way connected to the lack of engine redundancy issues described in my messages.

**But, in this age of disappointing government behavior, and biased, unreliable, and corrupt news reporting we are now living in, Malaysian Airlines Flight #370 is still a curious, bewildering, and unprecedented airliner "Disappearance", involving a large airliner, operating in a radar environment, and, equipped with the most modern and sophisticated instrumentation, position, and tracking equipment, in which all possibilities, even the most seemingly unlikely, must be considered.

**(Remember, soon after Malaysian Airlines Flt. #370 disappeared, wreckage was spotted in the ocean at the flight's last known location and, was quickly "Reported" not to be the wreckage of Flight #370 ? ? ? ) **Was Malaysian Airlines Flt. #370, a 2-engine Boeing 777, actually forced to ditch after an engine failure ?

**Some people think it's also possible that, in order to allow the airlines to continue this cost-saving, but dangerous, policy of using 2-engine airliners on long over-ocean routes, and, in order to protect airline executives and government officials from civil liability and/or criminal prosecution for allowing this dangerous 2-engine policy, we have to wonder, IF, in order to hide what may have actually happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight #370, and, in order to prevent the resulting complete upheaval of the entire international airline community, almost all of which utilize 2-engine airliners on long over-ocean routes, and, as stated above, and, in order to protect airline executives and regulators from civil and criminal liability, the "24-hour news reporting", "TV expert analysis", and "Extensive" searches for, this 2-engine Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, may have been one of the most elaborate cover-ups/public deceptions/hoaxes, in history, carried out by a corrupt, powerful, and complicit media.

**I personally don't believe this theory, but, considering the near catastrophe which occurred on UAL Flight #1175, (as described in my NTSB Report), which was also a 2-engine Boeing 777 on an over-ocean flight, we cannot dismiss any possibility.

**Maybe, as I wonder and suspect, the obvious 2-engine safety issues I have reported are being blatantly, confidently, and arrogantly ignored by these airline executives and government regulators, as they continue to endanger the flying public, may be because, if their cost-cutting policies should result in a disastrous airliner ditching, they remain extremely confident in their expectation of continuing "Protections", "Cover-ups"-- "News blackouts" and "Shielding" by a corrupt, and complicit news media, as may have occurred after the Malaysian Airlines Flt. #370 disappearance.

**It's difficult to imagine that a situation like this, as described above, could be happening, but, to be realistic, what other reasons could these government regulators and airline executives have for fearlessly continuing with and concealing this obviously dangerous 2-engine policy, and, for their ignoring of this indisputable and well-documented safety issue, of which they are fully aware, other than their anticipated protection by a complicit and corrupt press?

**I guess, the reasons could be incredible greed, corruption, incompetence, stupidity, or, all of the above.

**Should a disaster occur, the prior exposure of these critical safety issues to the deserving flying public, and the resulting uproar, would be extremely destructive to the entire international aviation community, and would place many airline executives, and/or pubic officials in legal jeopardy, so please realize and understand that, in addition to trying to save innocent lives, I am also trying to save you people from the consequences of your callous and stupid actions of placing profits, political and social acceptance above doing the job you are supposed to be doing, i.e. protecting the flying public.

**I am also trying to preserve the flying public's confidence in the airline industry, and, in government regulators.

**Several decades ago, the University of Chicago economist George Stigler pointed out that the problem with regulation is that the regulatory agencies are sooner or later captured by the regulated industry and become servants of the industries they were created to regulate.

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