This information is published as a public service in the interest of airline safety

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xxx My name is Al Rioni.

xxx I am a retired ATP (airline/corporate-jet) pilot with 50+ years experience.

xxx I am also the author of aviation books available thru Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

xxx The following linked pages (Below) express my opinions of the dangerous airline operations described in these documents.


xxx For almost 1 year, I have been on, what has become, a "Mission" to eliminate, what any sane and knowledgeable aviation executive, government official, and, any competent pilot, is fully aware of, is a critical airline safety issue which endangers the lives of many unsuspecting passengers.

xxx This dangerous safety matter concerns the relatively recent airline cost-cutting and extremely risky policy switch from the previous requirement that airliners, crossing vast expanses of open ocean, be required to have at least 3 or 4 engines, to the current policy which allows airliners, having only 2 engines, which, considering the many recent airline engine-failures, obviously lack sufficient engine redundancy necessary to safely make these extended over-ocean flights.

xxx These recent and well publicized series of airliner engine failures has prompted this effort.

xxx In order to draw the attention of the National Transportation & Safety Board (NTSB), and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to this serious airline safety issue, and, after the catastrophic engine failure on a United Airlines Flight, enroute from Denver to Hawaii, in February 2021, I submitted a 14 page report to the NTSB (see: below link) describing the unacceptable risk of using airliners, having only 2-engines, on extended over-ocean flights, when airliners having 4 engines were always required in the past.

xxx In the lengthly report I submitted to the NTSB and the FAA(see: below link), I reminded these agencies of their responsiblity to oversee airline safety and pointed out the recent and well-publicized close-calls which have occurred on 2-engine airliners, enroute to Hawaii, after the failure of 1 engine, and, what could happen to a Hawaii-bound airplane if an engine failure should occur at the half-way point, when the airplane was over 1000 miles, and several hours, away from the nearest land, and, which could result in an airliner, loaded with hundreds of passengers, including children and infants, having to ditch into the Pacific Ocean because the airplane was unable to maintain extended flight with only 1 operating engine.

xxx In this report to the NTSB and the FAA, I requested that these agencies conduct a thorough investigation into the issues raised in my report, and, take the appropriate remedial actions, as they deem necessary.

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